Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rakesh Rathod

I am a Fitness Trainer with more than 14 years of exercise experience. I train clients in-home as well as in a near by GYM. My practice is more than just a job, it is my passion. My clients are my top priority. I am Certified CPR, Fitness Trainer and Self Defense (Krav Maga Global). Ambassador for Body Power India.

Personal Fitness Trainer [14+ Exp.]
(Weight Loss & Muscle Gain, Post-Pregnancy, Body Building, Strength and Fitness, Krav Maga - Self defense,Marathon, YOGA, Core Training, Group Training,  Older Adults)

I am efficient and committed to my work. Keeping up with my clients progress and demands, I continue to refine and enhance my understanding of advanced skills. I have helped many of my clients to achieve their fitness goals.

It's often difficult to stay motivated to exercise, but the Internet is an excellent source for information and support. Through my blog, you'll find information about every aspect of exercise from losing weight to choosing strength training exercises. My blog is dedicated to help you stay in shape and be Fit.

I understand that for ladies finding time to get to the gym with a newborn at home might be difficult, but now they need not worry, I have found a few great ways to workout.



SHOULDER: Shoulder Stability and Strength

PERIODIZATION: Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training.

PARTNER WORKOUT: This workout uses a partner to create agility, muscular endurance, strength, stability, suppleness & cardio challenges.

CURRENT TRENDS IN EXERCISE: Different types or methods of workout.                                                                      

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