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This guy knows how to make you SWEAT in any season...... :) Honesty, simplicity, dedication, respecting others time, technique all are words meant for Rakesh. He knows how to make you work hard to attained the body which you must have always dreamed of. He understands the need of each individual carefully and makes you work so that it becomes more of a fun and not a routine workout in the gym. The weight loss was never so fun. Never imagined that I would loose 15 KGS in 3 months. But with help of Rakesh he made it possible for me. Kudos to Rakesh..... Your dedication and hardwork paid off man. I always tell him that I am not working hard you are working hard for me...... :) Thanks Rakesh for all the hard work which you did for me.... Time to loose some more weight....... LOL........

                                                                                              Ankit Desai
                                                                                         IT Employee, Mumbai

I have seen a great improvement in my body shape and muscle toning after I started to get trained under him. His biggest plus point on his super punctuality. He might be there a minute early but not a minute late..... The kind of super fine knowledge he has on the smallest of the details makes him stand out of the crowd. He explains why we do it the way we do it. All in all an AWESOME trainer....:-)

                                                                                            Kunal Kaushik
                                                                                          Actor - Hyderabad

I trained with Rakesh for limited period of time but really liked his approach and commitment. He comes up with different workout routines basis your goals. He is very helpful and dedicated towards his clients requirements. Highly recommended personal fitness trainer at home.

                                                                                                  Amrita Jha - Home Maker

Rakesh is a knowledgeable trainer and knows how to hep pace yourself through your fitness journey. Explains what you should do and also not do to avoid injuries and such which is very important especially if you are new to working with weights and such.

                                                                                                  Hari Gollamudi - Cognizant

Truly amazing experience. In less than a month of enrolling, i got a lot of relief from my chronic neck pain. Not only that, i feel fitter now and can feel that my endurance has improved. The best thing about Rakesh is his ability to understand the body type and customize training accordingly. It has been more than 3 months that i have been training with him and i have no doubt that  this has been my best investment on myself in the recent past.
                                                                                Krishna V R Muppavarapu - Cognizant

Rakesh is a trainer with vast knowledge and experience in his craft. Admirable punctuality to the minute, interesting rotation of sets, patience with individual needs and moods, right amount of pushing, and a simple pleasing attitude to his customers are his other strengths. Highly recommend him. Thanks Rakesh.
                                                                                                    Anuradha Pulle - Home Maker

One of the best personal physical trainers on whom you can trust for achieving what you dream for when it comes to Fitness and Body Building. I am happy that i found him and that i am thankful for his time to train me on my fitness. Highly recommended!
                                                                                          Valentin Zukovsky - Atlas Smart IMS Pvt ltd

Rakesh is an excellent trainer. He spends time to understand your needs, and works and keeps you motivated to work towards your goal. Always on time. Very dedicated.
                                                                                                     Guneet Kaur - Home Maker

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