How to Lose After Pregnancy Belly Fat

9 Ways to lose you're After Pregnancy Belly Fat at Home

Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy with fitness traier

I will help you to fit into those jeans get your sexy back and find that life of happiness. I understand how upsetting it can be when you first, have a baby but let's get right into it and all explain the 11 ways that you can help your postpartum belly.

1. Check you Diastasis Recti.

Check for diastasis recti a lot of doctors do not explain it to you, in fact, the majority of doctors do not explain it to new mommies or pregnant mothers and all that is simply an ab separation down your Linea Alba which is just the middle of your abs. How to check for diastasis recti but you want to make sure that you do check for it because that will hinder your progress in getting your belly down.

2. Get rid of Situps.

Ditches the situps the first thing we think of is I got to do more situps got to get that belly down but really you're wrecking yourself and mothers no situps get rid of the situps, no planking no downward dog anything that puts pressure on your stomach. 

Now as you progress and you close that gap up in your tummy and you get stronger in your core you'll be able to do planking but you'd be doing planking the right way so I highly suggest getting rid of anything like that will put that added pressure and what I want to tell you is just a little bit of a visual so you know so I'm going to take the zip lock this represents the middle of your stomach you're the line that goes down and if you're doing a sit-upright like you're crunching up it's going out so your crease eating more of a gap and everything's coming out of there and it's just that's what gives you the Poochie effect.

3. Nutrition Loaded Meals.

After pregnancy, you need to take Nutrient-loaded meals and snacks as you're just coming from delivery or maybe it's been a while since you've been postpartum but your body needs to heal. I know you need a little bit of help and that's okay you could have smoothies you can add veggies, you can pre do them and put them in a Tupperware there's a lot of ways you can do them every morning. We'll have a nutritious shake if you're interested to make sure your day is balanced nobody says you have to be perfect but you really do want to get those nutrients in your body are going to respond way faster you're going to feel better you're gonna have more energy and that will carry through and less cravings and we all know what that does to us okay so make sure you have that nutrient-loaded meals don't worry about the calories so much but make sure you're eating nutritious food.

Now make your life way easier is in the morning and have a meal replacement shake it's clear there's no crap in it no fillers that's what you want to look for no fillers high protein that's gonna help with that lose after pregnancy belly fat as well.

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4. Scrub yours after pregnancy belly.

Scrub your belly I know that necessarily won't mean you would lose your belly however if you stimulate your body and your skin by scrubbing it now you do it in circles you get the body poof and you go in circles and you can do this in the shower you can have a scrub because this also will help with the greyish colour skin. You can also put some coconut oil on there to moisturize your stomach, I know a lot of you may have stretch marks and they're gonna be red for a while if you're lucky and didn't have one then you're really lucky yeah just taking care of the belly and it makes you kind of feel good cuz you're doing something for yourself and you're doing something nice for something that you're not too fond of.

5. Self-care.

Take care of your insides and what I mean by that is our bodies go through crazy time right during pregnancy and our organs get shifted and everything gets shifted but a lot of people have problems with their digestion after they have a baby and so certain foods they'll be sensitive to or they are sensitive without knowing it and it's just heightened. so if you want to be sure to get rid of that belly or bring it down it's important to concentrate on that digestion.
So just be mindful of what you're eating, if you're starting to not feel good after you have a certain amount of foods or certain kinds of foods start eliminating them you know the culprits are usually gluten dairy. Be mindful of what it is and just try and eliminate they and you might find that your tummy's going down a lot faster than you thought. Other things to notice is the way you feel like I said if your stomach just doesn't feel right if you're feeling extra tired even though I know with a baby I mean you're gonna be tired but there are some symptoms um skin issues that kind of thing so takes care of your insides.

Use essential oil and that just calms your pregnancy belly fat down and I just really like it. You could also be sure to take probiotic sand the shakes which have live digestive enzymes that will help break down your food, that'll help you also absorb that protein and it's really super healthy for you.

6. Lots of Water In-take.

Water, you got to have lots of water flush out those toxins get that fat moving and hydrate yourself that's gonna make your skin look better too. If you're one of those mother's that do not like water you can easily just put some slices of fruit in there you can do lemon and basil and all this stuff to make it taste better.

7. Favourite Outfits.

Now this might surprise you a little bit and it's scrapping the tight pants and you might think yeah oh I can't even get my pants on right have you ever saw where some people or maybe this happens to you. Get on tight jeans you're wearing them and over time like you're fat kind of moulds on top of your jeans well you're actually training your fat to basically live there and there's a whole science behind it has to do with fascia and all this but you guys might be scratching your head so I'm just gonna give you the basics don't wear tight underwear, tight jeans and tight pants make sure they're just loose enough so that when you're sitting down it's not creating that extra tightness because your bellies gonna mould to that is gonna stay there we don't want that right.

8. Focus on Workouts.

Don't bash yourself it is so easy to get up in the morning you have your shower you look in the mirror and you're like the right to lose after pregnancy belly fat at home. How you look, how you feel, it's gross like your belly at least when you're pregnant and it was nice and tight now. If you focus on that you're gonna get more of that so you focus on oh I hate my stomach, I hate how it looks it looks gross, I look gross, I feel gross then you're just gonna get more of that so be gentle look at yourself to some other the body part that you do like and focus on that while you're dealing with these things but what you focus on you find and what you focus on seems real and it's just gonna get worse and worse so don't bash yourself go easy too. To lose after post-pregnancy belly fat, workout with a certified personal trainer at home.  

9. Sleep.

Sleep this is super duper important for weight loss or reducing that mummy tummy or after pregnancy belly. Now a lot of you guys are probably like oh my god for real because you have kids even toddlers they get up the middle of the night but if you can fall asleep or set your alarm to go asleep at 10:30 and then of course if you have to wake up with the baby and your little ones all you know I understand that but if you can try and get your butt to bed by 10:30 that'll set you up for success. The next day so you're not tired because what happens when you're tired you eat more crappy food you're too tired to prep any meals you don't want to drink your water and all kinds of things right it just gets to be a mess. 

So 10:30 there are things that can help you fall asleep maybe you do a little bit of lavender essential oils on your feet, and keep your body as Stressless as possible.

Above 9 ways to help you lose your after pregnancy belly fat without exercise.